Car crash not our fault but no witnesses , What should I do?

I've just bought a new car. if have a accident not our fault but no witnesses , What should I do?
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  1. Any car owner is safe from accidents on the roads, which include not only a car accident, and a meeting with the disgruntled employees of traffic police. And in the first and in the second case to prove his innocence is very difficult, especially in the absence of witnesses. It is for this reason, have become increasingly popular Car DVR – compact devices that are installed inside the vehicle and on the video capture everything that is going on outside when driving or parking.
  2. In this instance, get as much info as possible from the other car and driver
    - car make
    -licence plate
    -Visible marks, stickers, tint, flashy rims (keep in mind if the car has other signs of being in an accident) -Pay lots of attention to the accident spot as claims will come in to repair an entire car if you give them leeway

    If the driver comes out
    - Do not admit liability or say "sorry" off the bat. Think before every answer as there are con artist who know how to catch you.
    -Ask to exchange Permit information
    -Correct Name
    -Correct address
    -Permit Number
    ALWAYS check to make sure that theirs is not EXPIRED. They should not have been on the road in the first place

    Ask to exchange Insurance information
    -Policy Numbers
    -Expiry Date ...If it was expired, they should not have been on the road in the first place.

    No Permit or insurance means..CALL THE COPS. You have a tough case on your hands as the minute you drive off , they're history !
    Lastly..get a contact number for the OWNER and the DRIVER. It may be two separate people. You can call the driver there and then and make sure their phone works and your number shows up. Communication established
  3. do you have a camera in your car?If you don't ask the other man that you'll see the video that canght by his Car Recorde.
    Anyway,car is convenient but dangerous,to me ,if there is not so far away,I would like to go by bike.I don't have a car,but I like it ,the only way to the person like me is to buy a substitutes like the rc cars
  4. What usually happens in this situation is that both drivers will file claims with the other driver’s insurance company because each party feels it was the other guy’s fault. Because there are "conflicting statements" (i.e. both drivers are blaming each other), both insurance companies will most probably deny the claims and say that each driver should look to their own insurance company to take care of their vehicle damage and medical bills. These types of "swearing match" claims are very difficult for attorneys to help clients with: there are no independent witnesses to support what either driver is saying, and if there was a police report made, the officer did not put the blame on either party. The majority of attorneys do not take these types of cases because there is no way to independently prove the client’s version of events is correct.
  5. did you solve it or not ,man always prefer some money to ask the Insurance Company to deal with it, if the man ask for money,you should call the Insurance Company,cause man is more greedy than company,like we like to pay for a new rc walkera heli when we broke others than to compensate for it
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