What is "Standard VGA graphics adapter"?

Under Display adapters in windows 7 it has my 7970 and it also says "Standard VGA graphics adapter". Should I disable that or just leave it like it is?
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  1. VGA is the cable that is plugged into your monitor and card to get picture on the screen, just like DVI if you are familiar or AV cables or an HDMI cable. VGA is just the medium for getting picture on your monitor
  2. Ya I know what VGA is, but I'm using an HDMI cord so I'm confused as to why it is there as I have never used a VGA cord on my monitor before. Should I just disable it?
  3. on new intel mb and ati mb they now have gpu built into the cpu. there called ipgpu. you can install the intel or amd chipset software if you want to run another monitor on them. if you want give more ram to you system and no to the gpu. go into the bios and turn off dule monitor support. it turn off the ipgpu.
  4. how caese to standard vga graphics adapter? and how to remove standard vga graphics adapter??????? quick answer???? pls
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