Upgrading Dell Inspiron 620 graphics card.

Hey, just wondering I am going to buy a GTX 650 TI for myself. (upgrading PSU of course) But I was wondering if my computer can hold, right slot etc.
Link to the specs:
(I'm also getting a owerStar Black ATX 12CM Fan 650W Silent Power Supply w/20-24pin SATA PCI-E PSU upgrade if that helps.)
Thanks in advance.
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  1. it take a full height card but i would check the lenght available to see if the card will fit in the case .
  2. Here's a picture of the guts of my comp. (currently using AMD Radeon HD 6570, and I'll also settle for a GTX 660 TI if its better at any rate)
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    the card shoould fit the case but did you look at the specs it need 2 power cable and your psu only got one, i am putting some link check them carefully before you purchase the psu and card.the gtx then the review between you hd and the gtx
  4. Thanks a lot, also one more thing can you suggest a PSU upgrade for 450 watts?
    This one I'm currently looking at
    Thanks a lot (If i haven't already said that)
  5. Ok thats is all my questions thanks.
  6. your welcome if you need more help post back .
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