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I was forced to download a temperature monitor for my laptop when it'd begun overheating more frequently while gaming. I downloaded the CPUID Hardware Monitor, and it's been quite handy since. However, frequently monitoring the temperatures hasn't helped to prevent the shutdowns.

Two of the games I play are World of Warcraft and Left 4 Dead. When I originally bought my laptop (Intel Core i5, 2.40ghz, 8gb ram, 64bit, ATI Radeon HD 4670) it was able to run those on medium to highest graphics settings, and the overheating was not an issue for some time. I wouldn't close the games out for hours on end and I never had auto shutdowns happen, despite overheating occurring as time went on.

As the overheating became much more of an issue, I ended up purchasing a cooling pad... which pretty much solved the issue. However, now for some reason, even with the cooling pad, the laptop can't run the games at the medium and highest graphics settings, as the frames per second will drop dramatically. In fact, Left 4 Dead has to be played at the lowest of settings. Even WoW can't be played at 'Good' or 'Recommended' settings for very long.

Now, I've tried cleaning the inside of the laptop; dust cleaning and stuff, bought a higher watt ac adapter, and better cooling pad.

Idle temp:
CPU: #0: 35C /// #2: 49C
GPU: #1: 53C /// #2: 53C

CPU: 60-70C (It doesn't go much higher than this)
GPU: 70-80-84 (It gradually goes up from 60)

Lately what's happened is, the cooling pad doesn't seem to even be working anymore. It's on and running, but it's not cooling the laptop very well. I don't get a chance to see what the temp is at before the laptop shuts down, but I'm going to guess after I see it reach 84C, it's only a matter of time before it hits 90C and shuts itself down.

What are my solutions here? It's becoming impossible for me to even play games anymore.
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  1. get a new genuine cooling pad.....
  2. I've bought 3 different cooling pads. The original one I had was around $20 if I remember correctly. It was probably the best one I had. It broke.

    Another one was not working when I bought it, so I returned it, and the other one cost $30, and yet it's even worse than the first one I bought. I'm thinking about getting the original one I owned again to see if that helps any.

    Does any one have any recommendations for this problem?
  3. Open it and clean it, heatsinks are surely full of dust and that cause the overheating issue... Laptop heatsinks/fan assembly are a paradise for dust...
  4. spawnkiller said:
    Open it and clean it, heatsinks are surely full of dust and that cause the overheating issue... Laptop heatsinks/fan assembly are a paradise for dust...

    So you think it's the heatsink? I'd imagine the best way to clean it is with an air duster. Unless there's a better way.
  5. as far as a laptop cooling pad goes, i'd try to find one with a movable fan, that way you can move it around (I guess it'd be most effective underneath your laptop's HSF, blowing air in towards the HSF)

    I'd also recommend a cleanout as Spawnkiller suggested, if you are up to it I'd also say disassemble your laptop, clean your heatsink/fan/duct area really good and replace the thermal paste on your cpu/gpu. I've had a hp laptop that used those stupid thermal pads as a "spacer" to fill the gap between the gpu and the heatsink. You definitely don't want any crap like that, if you have any thermal pads i'd replace them with copper shims and use thermal adhesive to attach the shim to the heatsink NOT THE CHIP.

    EDIT: you also want to get a laptop cooling pad that is very "airy" lol, the ones that look kinda like wire-mesh... they will restrict the least amount of air. the ones that look like solid plastic molds with a fan in the middle... avoid at all cost.
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