256 bit vs 192 bit???


Just a quick question, everything else being equal is their a noticeable difference between a vid card with a 192 bi tinterfeace and a card with a 256???
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  1. I assume your asking about a 660ti vs anything above. If you use hefty amounts of antialiasing, yes, it cripples the card. Fortunetly it doesn't have too high an impact unless you stack on stupid amounts of it, say 8x MSAA, framerate takes a nosedive and theres very little gain in visual clarity gained. Other than that, not really.

    Its not like you need more than 4x anyway.
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    Its not really comparable between cards.

    Either way, the two should be at pretty similar speeds at stock, but the 7850 will sail past it with the kind of overclocks it can achieve.
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