I dont think the 7870 LE is a good deal

For me personally, i disagree with the 7870le. one huge major issue for me, 2gb vram flat out isn't enough for 1440p gaming. I currently have skyrim regularly using 2.8gb vram, and i still vram crash every now and then with a near max step mod and texture pack combiner.

For the extra $40 i would rather have the 7950. The performance difference between the 7970 and 7950 is the same as the difference of a 7950 to a 7870le, of course minus the coveted 3gb 384bit vram vs 2gb 256bit vram.

I seriously dont see the value of this LE card at all. IMO, either you game at 1440p and you need a 7950 and the extra vram and speed that is associated, or you game at 1080p and a 7950 provides absolutely no perceivable playability advantage over a common 7870 at that resolution, ultra modded skyrim and now crysis 3 being the only exceptions.

Of course, if all you want is to try and max out crysis 3 on a 1080p monitor, then you can get the game for free by purchasing a 7950, saving you somewhere between $45-60, the same price as you would have spent on a 7870le and buying the game separately.
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  1. so are you saying that 7970,7950 and 7870 LE have same performance? anyway 2GB is plenty for most normal gaming situation at 1440p. just because 2GB is not enough for skyrim with extreme mod it doesn't mean 2GB cards is useless with when playing other games at 1440/1600p res

  2. I was thinking about buying this korean 27" 1440p monitor


    and buying this powercolor 7870 le when it's back in stock.


    Will the 2gb really affect 1440p gaming that much?
  3. for 1440p 2GB is plenty unless you go crazy with AF and AA. using mod can increase vram usage as well.
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