With this card fit in my case?

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  1. I don't think so. The case allows cards up to about 10 inches long, but that card is 11.69 inches long.
  2. witch 7870 would fit in my case?
  3. Yeah doesn't look like it will fit

    Card dimensions
    11.69" x 5.5" x 1.73"

    the Gamma features space that is especially designed to fit longer 10." cards

    Grab this GPU instead for Nvidia

    Or these ones for amd

    Unfortunately, the AMD cards above 7870 and above are mostly longer than or just above 10 inches
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    Dunno it the extra .07 of an inch is gonna make it not fit....
    Depends how much leeway NZXT gave their measruement
    I would say no just due to the risk factor

    10.07" x 5" x 1.65" = more than 10 inches

    Grab this instead, it fit for sure and is the same price after MIR
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