AMD Radeon HD 6670 1 GB display drivers not responding

so for the second time today i get display drivers not responding error and my game freezes but eventually goes back to playable any ideas?i ive had the video card for a couple of months and the game im currently playing ive never had this issue with it in the past and ive spent many hours playing it on my current video card
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  1. did you overclocked the card, if not try re-installing the latest 13.1 whql drivers.
  2. Overheating issue or Overclocking issue can cause this...

    CPU overclock can cause this issue too so make sure your processor/ram is stable too

    An overclock can sometimes become unstable due to electrical wearing of components (electro-migration i think) and require more voltage or less speed to work correctly again...

    Make sure your card isn't full of dust as it will overheat for sure...
  3. did a clean install of windows last night and apparently amd over overdrive was on and i know for a fact all i did was install the driver before i went to work and didnt touch any of the settings. thanks for the tip i hope that was the issue :)
  4. went in and uncheked the box and then opened it again and it was back to check then i did it a 3rd time and finally it listened to me must have a mind of its own or some weird default setting in the software
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