Skyrim Low Framerates Low Settings 7970

I have had an xfx 7970 3GB graphics card for a few months now and it doesnt seem to perform as well as the benchmarks.

FX-8150 @ 4.4GHz
16GB DDR3-1600MHz
XFX 7970 @1100 MHZ 13.2 drivers
1000 W Power supply
Skyrim Installed to RAID 0 Velociraptors
Windows 8 Pro

So my issue is that I can barely play the most up to date skyrim on my 7970 even on low settings it wont be playable 20-40FPS
My old Rig 1090T and 6950 would play high at 60FPS or so.

Ive tried everything and I am stuck.
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    Driver issues perhaps?
  2. I believe I fixed it. I am going to try higher settings this time.\

    On another similar note my M5A99X EVO R2.0 takes absolutely forever to POST. The LED indicating that it is waiting on the drives stays lit for almost a whole minute. Any thoughts. I may start another thread for that.
  3. Another thread souns appropriate BUT.. it could be the SATA ports your plugged into
  4. Seems the new drivers fixed my issues. 70FPS indoors 20FPS outdoors on ultra settings
  5. 20FPS outdoors? still doesn't sound right..unless you have a few texture packs
  6. Its set to ultra. Far render distance 8xAF and 8xAA. Still not right?
  7. 20fps is low. I don't mean render distance. I meant texture mods from online or Skyrim nexus. Are you using any modified texture packs besides whats in the game?
  8. Yes most definitely.
  9. well that could explain why such the low frame rate. I mean you have 3-4gb of vram on a gpu but if the gpu can't push far enough to use the vram then you need a second card. No I'm not saying go out and buy a second card but.. Rather remove some of the texture mods
  10. Again my 6950 handled all these mods fine. I need to do some tweaking still. Thanks though.
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  12. Well glad I could help none the less. let me know if you have those issues again
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