Hi i am questioning if this would work in order to use
a (400 mali Android 4.0)Tablet Mini HDMI output onto > a VGA Dell Monitor
by attempting the following:

0) WIRE: Connects to tablet <-- Mini Hdmi to Hdmi 4.0 (male to male) --> connects to adapter 1

1) ADAPTER: Hdmi to DVI (female to male) -->
2) ADAPTER: DVI to DVI (both female) Coupler
3) ADAPTER: <-- DVI(male) to VGA (male to female)

0) WIRE: Connects to adapter <-- VGA to VGA (male to male) --> connects to moniter

i can post the links on the adapters later is u want a more visual, but in conclusion
just wondering if this would work or if anyone has tried it.
In total will cost only me about $10 dollars to do this Hdmi to VGA conversion.

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  1. I don't have any idea what your thinking about to do, but i'll require an active converter as HDMI is digital and VGA is analog...

    PS: DVI to VGA dungle work cause the GPU output an analog signal in that dungle so if you only have a digital, that will not work...
  2. HDMI is digital and VGA is analog. If you are looking to go from HDMI to VGA you will need an active converter that does digital to analog video signal conversion. I would recommend checking Part # SCA-HD-VGA.
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