Which is the best full version antivirus for pc windows 7 ultimate

please let me know about the latest and best anti virus for internet browsing security and the best known virus remover from hard disks and pc cleaner for windows 7 ultimate
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  1. I find Eset products to be pretty good. Smart Security 5 is the latest full protection suite available.
  2. I have Norton Internet Suite. It cost $60 for a 3 computer d/l and is worth every penny! Totally transparent until you need it. Never had a false alert, scans while the computer is idle, updates in the background, firewall, anti-spyware. I suppose other AV's have similar features but this works for me. If you look around you may be able to find it cheaper than $60.
    I've purchased Norton years ago and hated it. Seems it messed up my OS, especially the *.DLL's which were more of a pain than some virus. I think Norton got this one right.
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