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When I shut down my PC (Compaq Presario CQ5600y/AMD Athlon) running Windows 7, I get a quick message that says something like program running force shut down? (although nothing is running that I know of). It only started doing this this week. Any ideas whats wrong? Once I click on the "force shut down" button, my PC shuts off fine, but I would like to know what the "force shut down" is all about. Thank you.
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  1. That means that a background process is still running and you need to wait for it to complete for the machine to complete the shutdown.
    Can you post the process name, it is on the "force shutdown" window?
  2. Normally caused by a misbehaving driver or a system service not closing.
  3. How do I determine which process is still running?
  4. The name of the process should be on the title bar of the "force shutdown" window.
  5. Thanks, I didn't see it, but I'll watch for it.
  6. It means some background process is running. You can close the process using Task Manager.
  7. make sure to properly close all programs before you shut down

    certain programs can stop it shutting down

    (personally i just hold start+r) it saved the comand from previous use

    shutdown -f -s -t2 (forces shutdown in 2 secs)
  8. The "force close" button only appears onscreen for 1 maybe 2 seconds then machine closes down properly without me doing anything. It goes by too fast to see which program must be causing the trouble....any ideas?
  9. I was able to fix the problem by running registry cleanup software, thank you guys!!
  10. hey i too am having this same prob can u any one help me to know how to solve it plzzzzz thank u in advance guys :)
  11. I know this is an old issue, but I also know nobody has solved this problem, and Microsoft doesn't seem to care anymore.
    I am happy to announce that I used a program called WinASO Registry Optimizer and it has solved this problem completely!!! I no longer see any task host window nor blank force shutdown screens! It also seems to have sped up both boot and shutdown times!!!

    Also, an added plus...and this is another one that MS doesn't seem to have a permanent cure for...all of my notification icons now load every time!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Finally, I found something that just solved all of these problems at once! It ain't free, but it's worth it if you've been banging your head against the wall for ages now, trying to solve these seemingly incurable and annoying bugs.
  12. Step 1) Click “Start” and go to ‘Run’. Go in “Dialog box” and type “Msconfig”, and then click “OK”. Check /SAFEBOOT in ‘System Configuration Utility’ on BOOT.INItab. Restart the PC when you are asked to.

    Step2) Computer starts in safe mode. This process may take wait of few minutes.

    Step 3) Make sure your file system or hard disk is not damaged with the Recovery Console.

    Step 4) Install Recovery Console as follows: (a) Insert Windows CD in CD-ROM drive. (b) Click ‘Start’. Then, click ‘Run’. Type “d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons in the opened box. (c) Windows Setup Dialog Box is appeared that describes Recovery Console Option. (e) Click ‘Yes’ for confirmation. (f) Restart your computer system.

    Step 5) With Registry cleaner, check for all Registry Errors. Registry is cleaned to avoid Blue Screen of Death, DLL errors, deteriorated system performance, exe errors, etc. A powerful registry cleaner perpetually eliminates unwanted files that cause frequent computer shut down.
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