GTX 660 won't install drivers, + bonus problem ;) HELP PLEASE

Hey lads. specs: GTX 660, pro850w psu, h80 watercooler, x79 ud3 mobo, intel i7 3820 and gskill ripjaw 8g ram.

Okay firstly I have an annoying problem, I've searched what I can possibly do, the only thing left I can think of which could help would be to reinstall windows.. which I can't be bothered just yet, would rather ask as it would be my 4th in just a few months. -.-

My screen, mouse and keyboard just started to randomly not turn on, or light up as you might call it on start up, but my computer would, everything would be on, leds, fans watercooler, hdd, and yeah, it wouldn't work, but It would rarely start up and I could use it, like now, I have no idea what that is? I reseached and found that it could be stuck in sleep mode? which seems right, or ram, but that is fine, hence now? but :/ HELP.

Secondly, my graphics card drivers WON'T install, it even says in dxdiag that my card is nothing? I've deleted all the other drivers then tried to install the drivers again with the most recent driver, and it won't let anything install, and just ahh? I'm so frustrated, help would be great, thankyou.
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  1. UPDATE, 3 minutes later.
    I read somewhere that I should delete every single .dll file in system 32?
    Would that help? I don't want to try because knowing me, my computer would blow up and wipe out half the world.
  2. why not do a fresh install of windows
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