650 Ti Now or Wait for the price drop?

Found the MSI 650 Ti for 129 (105 after mail in rebate), debating buying since I'm on a 240 GT and it's killing me. I don't have much, so this will have to last me a while. I'm concerned that the 700 series will bring a huge price drop in March and screw me out of a decent amount.

Anyone familiar with the general price drop vs release? Valid concern? Jump on it while I can?

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  1. I would buy the 650ti now. New 700 series cards are $1000 so until amd releases their new cards I don't see a reason for nvidia to drop their prices
  2. Alright, again. Thanks for the quick response. :D I was more worried that when (on most products) a new version comes out, everyone tends to try and liquidate their old merchandise for cheaper to make space for the new stuff. I only pay attention to video card prices when I'm in the market (not very often) or when I'm helping someone else buy theirs.
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