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I recently purchased a new Acer AMD Radeon HD 6670 PCI-Express GDDR5 to replace my old AMD Radeon Sapphire 3870 card.

I have an integrated card that is still installed in Device Manager and I followed these steps;

Uninstalled the old Sapphire card and powered down.

Installed the new card, powered up and installed the new drivers using the CD provided.

Once installation was complete, I shut down and restarted.

When boot was complete, I got a message on screen to state that VGA driver was not installed.

Within Device Manager, the new graphics card is visible but there is a yellow triangle with a question mark within it.

On checking this, it appears that the drivers are either not installed or not working.

I then visited the AMD website for up to date drivers and half way through the installation my computer crashed and a blue screen appeared stating that physical memory was being dumped.

This has happened each time I try and install the up to date drivers.

On checking various forums I am wondering if the BIOS is picking up the integrated graphics card and what I simply need to do is change this to the PCI-e card?

Any help would be appreciated…
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  1. What's the error code on the BSOD? Has it anything to do with the driver or is it something around he installer?
  2. I know you said you uninstalled the old card, but did you uninstall the old drivers as well? I think you may need to eliminate all video drivers from you system(amd for sure, possibly intel or nvidia if that's the igp). Windows will use the basic video driver while you install the new driver package. I don't know if you were updating drivers with your old hd3870. If you were, is it possible the new card would work with the older driver? If you haven't been updating your drivers over time(removing the old before installing the new), maybe this is a procedural problem and the above stated process should fix things.
  3. follow these steps....
    1..uninstall ccc
    2...boot in safe mode and remove all drivers using driver fusion
    3..restart in normal mode and clean all registries using ccc cleaner
    4...reboot and install new drivers..
  4. Hi,
    The probem now seems to have escalated.
    I cannot now access my PC at all.
    The system boots up but the monitor will not start. All I have is a green flashing light on the monitor as if it is waiting to link up with the PC.
    Is this now a monitor problem after all. Would a new HDMI monitor fix the problem?
  5. Hi,

    I followed the steps as you said and the card was working fine.

    After a few boots, the problem has returned and goes straight to BSOD on startup.

    The error message is:

    *** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0x90D00F6B, 0x8BA4C8C8, 0x00000000)

    *** atikmdag.sys - address 90D00F6B base at 90C03000, DateStamp 4844bf0f.

    I can boot up normally through F8 and select last good configuration.

    Any ideas?

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