Msi Gtx 660 TwinFrozr III OC EDITION

Hey guys, Im the first time here, so sorry if a mistake a theme.

Im from Croatia sorry for bad English :)

Anyway I have a gtx 660 twinfrozr I have a customer to give my card and pay him 50-55€ to give me his Gtx 660 Ti Phantom what do you think? I asked Maximum Pc for the advice and they told me to not upgrade, what do you think? Please help me I m on the dilema...
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  1. I wouldn't swap for a used card. If the Gtx 660 TI Phantom is *used*, avoid swaps. If it is brand new, and yours is used, 50 Euros is ok, but I prefer the twinfrozr over the Phantom.
  2. But what do you think on the performance, is the Ti version better I mean it is wourh of swap?
  3. Hey, anybody else to help'?
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