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No Fan control with arctic accelero 5970

February 21, 2013 2:18:52 PM

i'm running an Ati 5970 with aftermarket arctic accelero 5970 and recently ive been having trouble controlling the fan. couple days ago the fans werent running at all so i removed the card to check for possible damage to the card and nothing is wrong with it physically.

thankfully now the fans are running but i cant control them at all. according to gpu-z they are running at maximum fan speed which is 2000 rpm. no matter what percentage i set it to run in afterburner they continue to run at 2000 rpm.

im currently running drivers 13.1 and i may suspect it might have something to do with me moving my case to clean it. perhaps when i placed it back down the power cable to the graphics board may have loosened and now the fans can only run at maximum. is this kind of situation possible?