My pc keeps crashing while playing games

When ever i play a game after 5 -10 min the screen turns Grey with lines or blacks out and no input on moniter, the sound in the background keeps repeating the same sound. this started happening around 2 weeks ago and now it keeps getting worse. I dont know what the problem is but i am suspecting it is the gpu going bad. The temp of the gpu while playing a game would go up around 48-50 so i dont think it is overheating. I don't know what else to do and i don't want to spend money and turns out it is not the problem. After the grey screen the pc crashes.

My Specs:
cpu: Core i-7 2600K
GPU Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC
RAM 2x DDR3 vengeance
PSU XFX 850Wats
MOBO Gigabyte z77-DS3H
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  1. Yea its probably not the gpu overheating then. How are the temps for the other components? Maybe try running a gpu benchmark and see if it crashes there too. If it does, then next step is to RMA it.
  2. ye thats what i tried now i tried heaven benchmark and after it finished the temp was 48 and again it gave me a grey screen :S and the temps for other compentes are also around 50 -53
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