Geforce gtx 650 problems black screen in game

I have a Zotac Nvidia Geforce GX 650 on my Pc with Core 2 duo 3.14, 4 gb ram and windows 7. While playing the Medal Of Honour Warfighter the game stops responding and there is a black screen with the mouse pointer. Afterwards the message says that "Medal of Honour not responding". Kindly help.
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  1. Medal of Honour Warfighter crashes. Gives a black screen with only the mouse responding. Have to forcefully shut down the game to return to Windows 7. I have Core 2 Duo with 4 GB Ram and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 card. The message says "MOHWF not responding". Please help!
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    Geforce gtx 650 problems black screen in game
  3. Was this card an upgrade? If so, go back and remove ALL of your video drivers. Reboot, then install drivers ONLY for this card.
  4. The GTX 650 is kinda a weak card, try playing in lower setings
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