Is it worth investing in another gpu?

hi all

For over a year now ive been using a sapphire HD 7770 in my system and now i am considering getting another card for around £80-£90.
So my question is that is is it really worth getting another card so that my system can have almost twice the performance that i have now? If I do go down this path I would also need a new power supply as my current one only has one pci-e power connecter so could you please advise me on some decent power supplies that wont burn out on me xD.
I don't see getting something above a 7850 is really worth the investment for me as i would be needing to get a newer power supply as well thus the overall amount spent would be pushing it over the £200 boundary which i cant really afford.
So whats all your opinions; to crossfire or not to crossfire?
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  1. Crossfire is going to give you headaches and problems.. You are going to get 50% higher performance only in some games if the drivers are made by god himself and in others, there won't be any difference. Not to mention the other problems you may experience such as lagging and incompatibility issues. Wait a bit, until you get more money and buy yourself something as good or better than the HD 7870! You should simply wait for now, if you have at least 6 GB of DDR3 RAM, an i5 Sandy/Ivy or an i7 Sandy/Ivy, you should be OK till this time next year, I'm talking about 1600x900 / high settings in most new games like Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3. I hope that I managed to help you.
  2. Ah thanks for the reply, although it has been a while i decided to go with the sapphire radeon hd 7850 oc which i picked up on ebuyer for 140gbp. Was a much better investment and plays everything maxed out. And i get HUGE improvements in games for example in bf3 before on ultra (on my resolution) i was getting an average of 40fps, now im getting around double that with an average of 75/80fps. Made games much more smoother and can play loads more with much higher settings. Definitely keeping this card for a good few years now :)
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