Previously my isp gave me a modem with connection which was ADSl+2 type which was to be connected to internet with the help of rj 32 and i has got 4 lan ports no wan ports..wirelessl modem or router dont know what to call it
Now i got a new connection this isp gave me a rj45 cable and i need to just plug it and go to a certain page and login to get connected to net.
My questions are
1] Can i use that ADSL+2 modem/router for my new connection using one of the lan ports as wan ?? if possible please explain i am a complete noob 0 knowledge .
2] If i cant then please suggest a good gaming router which is not too costly,mid range
3] my bandwidth is 10mps even though i connect it directly to my pc (rj 45 jack from isp) i get a lot of lag...can it be removed if i use a gaming router
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    If your new connection is not DSL, no you can't use the same modem. You can't use the LAN ports as a WAN, they are not configured for that.

    2. Netgear RangeMax routers are nice

    3. If you have lag with a direct modem connection to the PC, adding another device will just make it worse than anything. Do a bandwidth test from or another site like that, see what your speeds and ping times are.
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