Help Selecting a new GPU


Currently have another 1336x768 display and i will not be buying any others so please do not say "get a 1080 monitor"

I would like to run both of them together but currently think my 9800gt is not up to it. my 9800gt currently plays any game on such resolution but i am planning to upgrade GPU's , i have a tight budget and i am looking at a 1gb 7770
i only want to play normal games on one monitor but when i play eve online (current FPS on highest settings 47 average) i wish to play EVE on two monitors for two accounts.

Is the 7770 a good choice? i just want a card that has double the power to run EVE on both clients at its current speed as the 9800gt has nothing wrong with it i just want to ability to run on two monitors instead of 1 good computer and 1 slow one.


AMD 960T Core unlocked / overclocked 6 cores 4.2ghz
9800GT 1GB Pny ECO edition (lul)
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1666mhz
850gb storage
850W XFX Semi-modular PSU
Motherboard is just a standard Asrock but considering Crossfire in future (future proofing?)

Thanks in advance and sorry for being so picky :P
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