What Graphics card should I get for skyrim on ultra

I building my own pc for the first time, and It will be mostly for gaming. One of my faverite games that needs a good graphics card to play with a high frame rate. I would like it to run ate 95-125 fps on ultra. I have around 375 to 425 to spend. I been looking at the GIGABYTE GV-R797TO-3GD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB. If you have a better sugetion, I would really like to know. Thanks
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  1. wait your building your own pc with 400 and your looking at 7970? anyways your eys cant see anything above 60 so 100 is pointless but the extra is good just incase of a spike etc but a 7870 or a 7950 will do the job
  2. well, this says it's not going to happen anytime soon

    edit wtf is going on with the multigpu scaling in that game recently, they both suck hard... :P
  3. Sorry the clear something up I have 1650 on the whole build, 400 on the graphic. The reson, I want the such a high fps is so I can have the sharpshooters emb on. Thanks for the reply
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    oh right sorry i thought you meant 400 for the gpu wasnt sure though :p anyways karis post is old stats i think because i just found this:,3279-9.html and that shows that what kari said the titan gets the 7870 gets around the same...

    Btw if you choose to get the 7900 series card then get the 7970 because as the chart shows the 7950 is pretty much the same as the 7870 by 1 or 2 fps
    To be honest go with a 7970 will give you over 100 fps or there abouts and oc's well so will last longer, its a beast card try get a club 3d one (not very well known, but i have a club3d 7870 and oc's awesome and decent cooling for 1 fan and they all have there mainstream technology on) if you can find one of course becasue in the Uk they arent very popular atm your probs best off looking on ebay for one of them maybe in the us it will be easier i dunno or if you cant get a twin frozr card by msi and another good oc'er is the gigabyte 7970 all insane cards trust me choose 1 buy it and dont look back
  5. Ok, I look for that club3d. That helps alot, thanks.
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  7. TheAterix said:
    anyways karis post is old stats i think

    lol you think too much, just check the dates on those two articles, yours is from August 16, 2012, the one I linked was TPUs Titan review from Feb 21st 2013, like past Thursday with up-to-date whql drivers...
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