Computer connected to Router, No internet Access

Okay, I have a computer, custom built Vista, wired to the router. It sees the router but cannot access the internet. The router has 3 other machines, some wired, some wirelessly connected, and they can all access the internet.

I have tried bouncing the machine, router, modem, renewing IP...

Any help would be appreciated.

Some background info. on start up, machine shows connected to internet on network sharing center, then shows no connection.
Conecting directly to modem shows a connection to internet but no actual access.
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  1. are you getting a IP from the router assigned to your computer?
  2. yes, it's
  3. can you open the command prompt and type:

  4. Request timed out x4
  5. Issue was resolved, ZoneAlarm Firewall decided I don't get to have fun online
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