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I'm on the IT Help Desk at work and I have been wondering if this could be done for a long time now but couldn't find a way so I am turning to the community.

I have 2 connections in my office. One is into the internal office with our servers and the other is a direct outside line for troubleshooting and whatnot.

What I would like to do it have access to the servers. network drives and other network resources on the Ethernet and have the internet go though the wireless (direct outside line).

I have internet access on the inside line but not full access. Some websites like facebook are blocked by DHCP server directly and honestly the main reason to try this. I am inclined to think this has to be possible somehow but I am not equal to the task. Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Two thoughts.

    First, will you be looking for a new job if the company finds out that you are using the wireless connection to hang out on Facebook?

    Second, have you tried changing your connection priority, placing the wireless above the wired in advanced network adapter settings?
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