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I know this may seem as a really odd question to ask but i'm going to be upgrading soon anyway...

I have a GTS250 512MB which has served me very well, it uses DDR3 memory(1100Mhz)
I was wondering if it is possible to change the RAM DAC's on the Card with some from a DDR3 1333mhz module?
do you know of anyone who has done it? Everything I search seems to result in something different to what i'm asking...

Would it actually pick up if i downloaded a bois from somewhere for a 1GB version and flashed it?
Or do i need to even flash it :D ?

Please share your thoughts i know this is a crazy one... :pt1cable:
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  1. well for starters you'd need a specialised electronics repair station to be able to comfortably remove and solder those ram chip packages, secondly it might be a tad difficult to find chips that have the same pitch as the ones on the graphics card.
    so yeah it is possible but bloody difficult and seriously not worth the hassle but if you dont have anything better to do...
  2. Personally I don't think you will see a noticable difference running memory with an extra 233Mhz clock speed. Your graphics card has an inbuilt clock speed so you would need to overclock it to gain any speed advantage.

    Also the card will not use any additional memory you give it so adding extra RAM will not work

    As Kari said "not worth the hassle"
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