Having screen tearing issue with current monitor

I recently purchased a new PC which is running a AMD XfX 9750 Video Card. The monitor I choose to use is a 60Herts 5MS 21.5 LED Flat Screen by Dell.

The issue that i'm currenty having is that I get small horizontal lines going up vertically in my monitor screen while gaming. These lines are not present durning load screens. Also the lines are relatively difficult to see if you to just glance at the screen. Lastly, I found with games line Diablo 3 that enable Vsynce that seemed to fix the problem.

My question for the community is this problem a result of my monitor or something else. Also I run any game pretty much on Ultra setting with 100 to 140 FPS. Lastly, if I were to replace my monitor which type should I aim for 2MS LED 120Herts?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. You already solved the problem, v-sync. Without it, there is nothing to prevent the screen from updating at the same time the frame buffer is being updated by the video card, resulting in 2 or more partial images being displayed.

    Nothing is wrong, this is how video cards and monitors behave normally. Just use v-sync if it is a problem for you.

    As far as upgrades go, a 120hz monitor would certainly help make use of the extra FPS, and make games feel smoother and more responsive. Other options to take use of it are 3 monitors in Eyefinity, 3D (which are mostly 120hz monitors), or higher resolution monitors that are 1440p or 1600p.
  2. Well issue is not every game has Vsync and also I noticed Vsync hurts my performence a bit as well.
  3. sdxfactor said:
    Well issue is not every game has Vsync and also I noticed Vsync hurts my performence a bit as well.

    You may just not understand how the whole process works and some of the current limitations you already have.

    Your monitor has a 60hz refresh rate. That means it only updates the images on the monitor 60 times per second. That means the highest visible FPS is 60 and no more.

    What happens v-sync does, is make sure that the frame buffer is never written to when the monitor is updating the screens image. Without v-sync, the video card can update that frame buffer half way through a refresh, resulting in partial images.

    All you achieve by getting 120 FPS on a 60hz monitor, is your video card is producing twice as many images as can be displayed, resulting in a hotter card for no good reason and when those extra frames get written to the frame buffer while the screen is updating, you get a tear.
  4. You can also force v-sync on from the CCC in most games if it is not offered in games. Very few games do not allow this.
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