Is my card useless?

Hey all... Got this PC I'm trying to run until I get my decent machine built but it's giving me problems. Every time I try to boot up normally it shows the windows XP loading screen then goes to a black screen and does nothing. Tried to boot it again under "VGA mode" and it works fine under a really low resolution. Threw in a lesser graphics card and it works fine but the card is even crappier than the one that's giving me problems. The problematic one is an nVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX400 with 64mb of vram... Installed the proper drivers and checked to make sure that the monitor I am using is able to handle 1024x768 resolution. Just wondering if this card is completely unusable or if there is a fix to get it to run properly.

Running Windows XP SP3 on a Syntax SV266M(A) motherboard. I know that it is an old setup I have here but need to use it temporarily.
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  1. wow that thing probably just died due to old age. I don't think its worth it to fix the card even if you were able to. You can always buy a much better used one for like $20 off ebay or craigslist.
  2. Yea... I'm blowing my extra monies on parts for this other box and was just wondering if this card could be saved for my backup pc...
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