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I had a HP Pavilion and then bought Windows 8. It wasn't smooth running but it worked. My son had a built computer with an Amd Radeon 6670. He wanted to upgrade to Windows 8. He did and it wasn't long after that his computer died. He needed the graphics card to play his games. He put it in my computer and it died. I'm not sure the reason they both died. Seems like it is a big coincidence and I have read some not so good stuff about Windows 8 so, draw your own conclusions. Anyway, my 17 year old gamer and I are out of a computer and are going nuts. I don't have a lot of cash so I was looking at ones on QVC to be able to make payments and I actually found one but it will need a better graphics card.

It is the HP Envy h8 it has an i5 and 8gb ram, both needed for him to game but it comes with an intel HD graphics 2500. That I know will not be acceptable.

My question is do you think it is safe to put the Radeon in there? I don't want a repeat.
What graphics card would I upgrade to?
Has anyone else had this problem with Windows 8?

Thanks and sorry about typos.. I'm on a phone :(
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  1. if a single card killed two computers I would throw that card away as it obviusly short cuircuits something inside when connected to the motherboard or your 17 year old 1337 gamer does not what hes doing

    without telling us the power supply specifications on the Hp Envy I can recommend you AMD Radeon 7750 as it does not require additional power. The faster the card the more power it will draw so on minimum you can go for the 7750...if it has better power supply with a 6 pin pcie (pci express) power you can get a faster card such as 7850 and higher
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