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My current specs are:

Intel® Core™ i5-2500K Processor
AMD Radeon HD 6950 - 2GB - HIS IceQ X Turbo - Core: 840MHz - Single Card
8 GB [4 GB X2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module

I am looking to upgrade my Radeon HD 6950 because trying to CrossFire this might be impossible since the card is discontinued and hard to find based on my current searches. I've studied a bit about the debate between AMD and Nvidia about the jerking and stuttering. I am definitely looking to jump on the Nvidia band wagon but I am having a hard time finding a decent upgrade from this card. Can you point me in the right direction please. My range is about $300 range, $400 would be pushing it. Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. if you want nvidia then get a 650ti
  2. A 650 Ti is weaker than a 6950... if I remember correctly. At $300 you should get a 7950 or a 660Ti (my vote goes to a 7950) and at $400 I can only think of a GTX 670.
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    If you are looking towards Nvidia as a upgrade path I would look towards the 670 as a option and maybe even a 660Ti although I would stick with the 670 as it would be a better card to move towards.

    A few cards I would recommend the gigabyte card I have myself and have been happy with. I would have no problem using any of these cards I just landed with the gigabyte due to the performance of the cooling the factory overclock and its high regard with tomshardware's roundup of the aftermarket cards.
  4. sorry i meant 660ti xD
  5. The 660Ti is closer to 300 however the 670 seems to be hanging around the 350-370 mark.
  6. I saw a 670 at tigerdirect last week for $329 and one I think in the past couple of days at newegg for about the same......... if rebates aren't a problem.

    otherwise, for nvidia the 660ti is the route to go. some of those can be had for $239 if you keep you eyes peeled.
  7. Yea the 670 can get that low. The only downside is its normally the POS PNY reference card and the 670's reference cards outside EVGA's offerings are pretty meh!
  8. you can get a Galaxy for, I think it was $309. They're not shabby cards.

    and my pick for the 660ti would have been this
    and I may buy one some day.
  9. yea the 660Ti isn't a have bad card its a pretty good card but when you are it to a 6950 you are probably looking for more of a upgrade then that. In some games the 660Ti is really close in other it blows the 6950 away. I would get the best card you can get with what money you have to spend on a card because you have one shot at it most likely make it count sir.
  10. Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I am sold on the 670 though. Been debating about it for a while especially since I eventually want to run SLI which is more stable. Here's to finding the deals now. I will keep a look out on TigerDirect and Newegg. One Love.
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  12. Happy gaming man. You will be happy with a GTX670 two in SLi would be around the power of a TITAN card/(the ram) pretty sweet stuff man.
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