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pc 2700 damn Djungle out there

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March 27, 2002 8:10:49 PM

Ok here is the deal.
Im gonna buy me some sweet PC2700 (DDR333) memorys.
My idea was getting 2 x 512mems, all good with that and all.
But its a damn Djungle out there...
What brand should i go for?
I found this test once there they tested this new memorys.
But i lost it..
Anyways to get to the point.
Anyone have a andress to a website with a test or anyone know anything about these mems. I dont whanna spend a fortune and get some sh!t.

i found some 512 PC2700 (DDR333) from samsung.
then I found another brand that only cost half the price.
whats up with that...!! no idea.

I would sure like some help. ThanX

replys in swedish works fine


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March 27, 2002 8:12:15 PM

What was the other brand?

AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
March 27, 2002 8:18:05 PM

Oh yea its for my AMD computer
i have a Soltek Motherboard and a AMD XP 2000+ if it makes any diff.
March 27, 2002 8:23:40 PM

the other mems where named
"DDR 512MB PC2700 orig DIMM 184-pin, DDR333" or somethign like that and i couldnt get any detailed informationg about em
the samsung had alot of detailed fact.. but im not really into memory terms so they dont tell me that much actually

General Description
The Samsung M381L3223CTL is 32M bit x 72 Double Data Rate SDRAM highdensity memory modules. The Samsung M381L3223CTL consists of nine CMOS 32M x 8 bit with 4banks Double Data Rate SDRAMs in 66pin TSOP-II(400mil) packages mounted on a 184pin glass-epoxy substrate. Four 0.1uF decoupling capacitors are mounted on the printed circuit board in parallel for each DDR SDRAM. The M381L3223CTL is Dual In-line Memory Modules and intended for mounting into 184pin edge connector sockets. Synchronous design allowsprecise cycle control with the use of system clock. Data I/O transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operating frequencies, programmable latencies and burst lengths allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications.

Power supply : Vdd: 2.5V ± 0.2V, Vddq: 2.5V ± 0.2V
Double-data-rate architecture; two data transfers per clock cycle
Bidirectional data strobe(DQS)
Differential clock inputs(CK and /CK)
DLL aligns DQ and DQS transition with CK transition
Programmable Read latency 2, 2.5 (clock)
Programmable Burst length (2, 4, 8)
Programmable Burst type (sequential & interleave)
Edge aligned data output, center aligned data input
Auto & Self refresh, 7.8us refresh interval(8K/64ms refresh)
Serial presence detect with EEPROM
PCB : Height 1250 (mil), double sided component

;)  !!