ASUS HD7850 Really Poor Performance

Sorry for my bad english.

yesterday I had bought new graphic card (ASUS HD7850-DC2-2GD5) Product link
my EXcard is HD4850

I was playing FIFA13 very smoothly with HD4850 but with HD7850 alway lagging and FPSdroping.(my game is original and updated)
I have latest drivers

MY Other Hardwares is:

PSU: Thermaltake 500W / TR2-500p Product link
MAIN BOARD: GIGABYTE / h31m-d2-b3 Product link
CPU: INTEL i5 - 2320(3ghz - 3.3ghz) Product link

and I tested my card with 3DMark application
application have 3 performance level
1 mobile
2 for notebooks and home pc
3 for high performance gaming PC

I try at the 3-for high performance gaming PC LEVEL, result is avg.10-15 fps

But I can play FarCry3 and Devil May Cry 5 with Ultra Settings at 1080p

I'm really confused. What can i do about this problem. Thanks.
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  1. Hi,

    Did you reinstall the drivers for the 7850? You might have, but just wondering if the new drivers were installed using the 4850 and just swapped the 7850 over without reinstalling.
  2. I formated my OS and download latest ver. of my GPU driver. :/
  3. this thread here may help you.

    Might need to do a bit of tweaking, im not sure why the game just shouldn't run smoothly from the get-go. There maybe problems with the game itself not recognizing something properly with the GPU, but anywho, check the thread above, make some adjustments and see how you go.
  4. nah. that thread doesn't help me. sorry. :/ but thank you.
    I send my card to ASUS Turkey Center for Performance test. Now I'm waiting for guarantee operations.
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