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Cintiq & Nvidia

Hello all!
I have a G41t-r3 mobo and I currently have an Nvidia gt9500 graphics card and I want to upgrade to another Nvidia card that can work with a Wacom Cintiq 12wx graphics tablet. What is the latest Nvidia card that I can upgrade to?

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  1. Graphics card and cintiqs are irrelevant for compatibility. Any card will work with any cintiq. What will limit you is your budget, your psu, and maybe your case. Although I am assuming not top of the line with such old hardware.
  2. What I'm running is Windows 7, Intel Core 2 quad q6600, 8 gb of dual channel ddr3 with the aforementioned Nvidia card. I have a Senty cs1-1398 case with 450 watt power supply.

    I want to upgrade to a newer Nvidia card with dual monitor inputs so I can have my monitor and the Cintiq at the same time, that will work with my mobo. I don't want to blindly buy card after card if I can get some info ahead of time that will make it simpler.
  3. Any graphics card can output to 2 displays and any card will work with your mobo. Did you want specific outputs so you don't need adapters? You forgot to mention a budget.
  4. Dual Dvi and a budget between $100-250.
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  6. Thanks for your feedback. Its appreciated!
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