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Hello, I want to run a seven monitor setup where all seven monitors are extended to run fsx. I don't know what graphics cards to get? Should I get two radion graphics cards and crossfire them or what should I do?
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  1. Well since amd gpu support up to 6 monitors, you should go for 7970
  2. You can't run 7 monitors in eyefinity, or on crossfired cards
  3. Easiest way would be with 6 monitors and AMD. 7+ is more complicated and you'll need a combination of AMD and Matrox "Triple Head" products. I'm sure the fsx community has some recommendations.
  4. I don't think that's possible. As far as I know Eyefinity can only support up to 6 monitors at this point. Once the Displayport hubs release and can split the signal to multiple monitors, then maybe. Until then, 6 is the max.

    Now the technology exists to display an image over more than six screens, but to my knowledge it is not marketed to consumer use.
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