How many GTX 660 Ti bits have?

how many GTX 660 Ti bits have?
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  1. its on nvidia website, and is largely irrelevant in terms of performance. if you want to know about its performance you must read a review.
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    If you're askign about memory interface width, it's 192 bit, but that's only one factor in perfomrance. If you want to know around where it's performance is, you should read up to date reviews, but since those can be difficult to find, I'll just tell you right now that it's typically similarly performing to the Radeon 7870, Radeon 7870 XT, Radeon 7950 (800MHz version), and GTX 580. I don't recommend the GTX 660 Ti because it's price puts it as much more expensive than a lot of cards that perform similarly to it such as the cheaper Radeon 7870 XT and the much cheaper Radeon 7870.
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