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Which gpu to get!

Well I know its a little to late to do a new build since all the new gpus will be coming out this year in q4 but
I do want a new build as this will be my first gaming pc beside my little amd apu laptop haha
Well I've come down to these gpus but I still can't decide.

Xfx 7970 double d. read some mixed reviews about some bad ones out there

His 7970 ghz edition icex2. Read good things and benchmarks are pretty great too

and Msi gtx 680 lightning edition
Games I plan on playing will be battlefield 3, skyrim, ps2, crysis 3 and diablo 3.
Any opinions or suggestions will be great but my budget for a gpu will have to be less than $550(don't need a titan as I'm only using one 1080p benq monitor)
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    I would go with one of the 7970's, it is the strongest gpu besides the titan.
  2. Which one of the 7970s I listed would you pick?
    I like them both but the xfx looks like a badass gpu that's not as huge has His but it does have some negative feedback about it failing really fast.

    Get that when it comes in stock, then overclock it to match Ghz edition.
  4. They all look good to me. I would personally go for this one because it's the cheapest
    edit one thing about getting non ghz, they tend to not oc as well.
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