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The best trackball is...

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October 13, 2003 8:20:59 PM

I am a mouse user who is none too enthused about the crackling noises and occasional pain coming from my wrist so I'm looking to get a trackball. From the things I've read so far, it seems like which trackball is the best is complete preference, but that the finger (as opposed to thumb) controlled trackballs put less strain on your hand/arm/wrist/whatever. Right now I'm thinking I'll go with a finger controlled ball and I'm looking at the MS Optical Explorer. People seem to like the Logitech Marble Mouse the best but I think I need a scroll wheel, even if it makes my thumb hurt, as the wheel on the MS trackball might. Anyway, I'd like to hear opinions and preferences if people have experiences with these things. Thanks...

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October 14, 2003 8:18:06 PM

First of all welcome to the world of trackballs, you will love them. Much better then a mouse IMO. As a very long time user of them, I wouldnt go back to a mouse.

The logitech Marble trackball with the ball in the middle is what I use. I dont miss the scroll wheel but the Loigtech has scroll buttons on the side. Small tabs above the left and right buttons. If you look on the website you will see them.

I havent tried the side trackballs, I like the control of the fingers better. Your fingers have more range and plus two fingers to control the ball. That leaves the thumb to left click and ring finger to right click.

No more having to move that mouse thing around. Go trackball.

I think you will like the Logitech middle Marble trackball and it will help your wrist problems too.

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February 2, 2009 2:58:08 PM

snabjab, I know of a really good trackball which I've been using for a about half a year now which is very good. It's made by a company called Clearly Superior Tech. check out their website. I also hear they have a new laser trackball for gamers. Just a idea because the MS, Logitech and Kensington trackballs aren't very good.
February 9, 2011 4:32:01 PM

Update: Clearly Superior Technologies just got better...Look at their L-TracX...Its a 3200CPI LASER trackball.

I'll just leave this here