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Upgrading graphics card to 690 or the Titan

Hey everyone, I am planing to upgrade my card to ether to a 690 or the titan or some sort of SLI of the 680s or the 670's it out power the 690.I have only the money to splurge on one card only XD. But 1st i would love to hear the community thoughts on this and what would be best over all. Also i have been reading up on the titan, i was wondering if it only better if you sli them together would beat the 690 but if you had only one then the 690 would be the better choice.
Monitor is a 1920 x 1080 120HZ
cpu 1200watt
asus maximus iv extreme Motherboard
i7-2600k at 5.0Ghz
haf x case
gtx 260(old card)
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    Get 2 of those, but I highly doubt you need two for 1080p, but some people have the money and like to go overkill, and personally if I had the money I would get two GTX 670's also.

    BTW nice overclock on the i7
  2. i will also like to future prof it also would this card perform better then 1 690? and i kinda want to stay away from SLI cause the cards i have are 2 gtx 260 and when i have then in the Motherboard is not reading the 2nd one, but both work if put in separate. Like i dont know if its a software issue or what.
  3. It's a 670 he linked so no it's not faster then a 690 but it's good enough for gaming that card will play pretty much everything you throw at it at high to ultra settings @ 1080p.
  4. Ahhh... Sounds like a PCI slot issue, so you might be better off with the 690. Im pretty sure your PSU has 2x8 pin connectors, but just make sure b4 you buy a GTX 690
  5. im using the corsair AX 1200watt
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