Virtu MVP--any real benefit?

System: 3570K with Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H and AMD 7950, playing at 1080p. I made this system for a reasonably high-end gaming system, and have been very satisfied.

For this system, what are the community's thoughts about installing Virtu MVP? Would it yield any real benefit, or would the only benefit be in power savings (not a huge priority to me)?

I suppose that I hesitate because this has been a superbly nimble, stable system, and I have some hesitation about adding that layer of virtualization between the GPU and the OS--making the pipes more complicated on purpose seems a good way to stop them up faster, to misquote Scotty.

Also, I read that Virtu MVP has just released a new, for-pay version. If Virtu MVP is a Good Thing at all, what about the upgrade--what is the benefit and is it worth the cost?

Thanks everyone.
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  1. in my experience installing it has a seriously negative effect on performance. I would recommend not to install it.
  2. No personal experience but a friend said he got slightly reduced performance in games after trying out Virtu (that was the old Virtu, there is a new one out now)

    Most cards under idle are pretty good in the power consumption factor anyways

    Not worth the hassle IMO unless you want to use the IGP for quicksync or something but want that to turn off when not in use

  3. Same conclusions here.

    Slightly lowered performance generally.
  4. Yeah I got to agree with the guys who ever tried it here. Tried it myself, it had weird glitch in almost all the games I tried. Seriously, it probably wouldn't go well for you either. You can try it though, and if you found out that it's not good, just reinstall it.
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