A Very Strange Problem (Amd drivers can run, but Nvidia drivers cant)

Hello peeps.

So in my almost 10 years of PC experience as a web programming graduate (you'd expect me to figure this out maybe) I've never seen something like this happen before.

So, I have a GTS450 and for some reason it's been on and off working and not working etc. lots of problems.

So, I just installed in my PC again to see if it'd work. Bamm. It works again.

But when I deleted the current amd drivers (which were for amd 4450 or somn I dont even know) and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. The screen went bananas. It had white strips like a zebra. Literally.

Even the start up bios screen was terribly messed up. It was like how old damaged atari games would look like.

So, I took the card out and put the rather useless amd card back in and its working. I re installed the amd drivers.

And I put the nvidia in so its working again.

Which drivers shall I use now? To be able to play games?
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  1. You need the Nvidia drivers to use the Nvidia card...but I think you've got a big problem with your Nvidia card, and it's finally fried to the point where it's not even being recognised by your system any more - that's why it's still booting with the AMD card and drivers.
  2. you mean it's gone for good? then why can I use it with amd drivers?
  3. You aren't using a Nvidia GPU with AMD drivers, rather you are using generic Windows drivers.

    Try running Driver Fusion (see below, get the free/trial version). Remove all AMD and Nvidia drivers. Restart and try installing your Nvidia drivers again (with the GTS 450 installed).

  4. thanks boo, I'mma try it asap
  5. wipe the drivers clean.
  6. wipe the drivers clean.
  7. nothing will happen, just RMA the card the stripes happend with my 9800gt, RMAed it,
    if anything happens in bios, means hardware is faulty
  8. Something is definitely up, but it is a bit odd that the appropriate drivers won't work, but the generic Windows ones do...

    What brand is it? Have you tried downloading the nVidia drivers from them and installing them? If not, I would give that a go.

    Here are some specific drivers depending on what Windows version you use: http://www.pcpitstop.com/drivers/download/NVIDIA~GeForce~GTS~450.html
    Here is one for 64bit for Vista and up:

    If you have any old nVidia driver versions, or can find any, I would try those. In reality, they newest ones should work. But considering the circumstances, it's worth trying a few.

    Worst case scenario, do like sumitd said and RMA if you can. If not, you may be stuck with the generic drivers which is no good. If it has been having problems in the past there is a good chance of hardware fault.
  9. what brand is that gpu? hoppe its not some fake brand gpu (ive seen some pictures)
  10. it the video ram or the gpu chip. with the amd drivers the card was running is vga mode. when you installed the nvidia drivers the card went from vga mode to standard video mode and use spot of ram that was bad on the card or the gpu that was bad finally failed.
  11. hi averydarklight,

    One thing that screams faulty card here is the fact the POST Bootup screen is all messed up. Drivers as you know are irrelevant at this point, so it's more than likely the card is not functioning properly and when trying to install drivers, i believe your system, or Nvidia rather, has no idea what the card is and refusing to install.

    Have a look at the GPU contact strip where sits into the pci slot, see if there's any corrosion/chip holes anywhere. A magnifying glass might come in handy for this.

    If its not too late, RMA as said above.
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