What Graphics Card?

Hello all!

I finished building my first computer few weeks ago yay! Now I just need a GPU, so here ar my specs.

Samsung 830 SSD 120 gb
g.Skill 1666 8gb
ASRock z77 pro4
Corsair TX650
Old Antec Mid-tower case
Windows 8

So now all I need I guess Is the graphics card... I don't wanna pay like $400ish so price is an issue but I want something with power.
also AMD or NIVIDA? (I have no clue)


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  1. to do what?

    monitor size/resolution?

  2. +1 to above question.
  3. sorry about the wait.
    sorry if sound stupid but I never did understand the resolution (yes im that dumb).
    my current monitor is and old Samsung syncmaster 920wm (im getting a new one soonish)
    as for budget... $1 - $225. I can do a bit more if needed.
    And as for use, its for games such as, Skyrim and Black ops 2.
  4. So these are my best options?
  5. doughnuts said:
    So these are my best options?

    For your budget yes.
  6. for the 660, why Galaxy?
  7. doughnuts said:
    for the 660, why Galaxy?


    This and the galaxy are the only nvidia options in your budget.
  8. ok another (dumb) question. what about the $300ish range?
  9. i trust galaxy cards. I didn't look at the 660 but 660ti i a custom pcb and has more memory bandwidth.

    what do you mean by 300-ish? you can get a gtx670 for about 329 and I think I saw one for 309.
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