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Hi there,
So I'm running with an Eyefinity setup, as well as a screen on both sides. This is great and all, but I've run into a problem. Every time I reboot, it flip flops the side screen so that I have to readjust them in the "resolution" settings. Is there some sort of script I can write to do this automatically or is there some way of fixing it? I have tried physically switching ports, but no luck...


Cody W
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  1. For Eyefinity to work perfectly you need:

    1. All monitors with same maximum resolution (you can't mix "2560x1440" monitors with "1920x1080/1200" monitors. At least at this current moment. They might work, but glitches/incorrect flipping/flickering and other shenanigans might happen).
    2. All resolution settings must be same, or it automatically picks the monitor with the MOST LOWEST resolution available and WILL assign that resolution to all other monitors!
    3. If you have first generation of Eyefinity, you'll need to use special dongles if you try mixing monitors connected via HDMI/DisplayPort with monitors connected through DVI. If you use second generation of Eyefinity ("Eyefinity 2.0"), then you'll just need to have Sapphire's "Flex"/"Flex 2"-level GPU, it can allow to connect 3 monitors through DVI without using any special dongles and it will work perfectly "from the get-go".

    Anyway, I highly recommend that you read this.
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