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Unstable Graphics Card - nVidia Geforce 360m

February 22, 2013 3:36:31 AM

Hey everyone, I recently formatted my laptop and since then I've been having major issues trying to get the graphics card working properly. Basically, as soon as the drivers are installed if something tries to use the card (windows index benchmarking, playing videos, games etc) it switches off immediately. I've tried two different driver versions (the one on the manufacture DVD and the latest driver version off the nVidia site) as well as trying different versions of windows and using the recovery partition to reset to factory state but nothing seems to have helped.

I can get to the desktop (most of the time) and do some basic stuff but the whole system is really unstable and crashes pretty often. I've checked internal temperatures with HWMonitor and I'm fairly certain it isn't an overheating issue as the graphics card and core temps were sitting around 66 C at crash points. Anyway any help would be really appreciated as I can't really afford to get someone to take a look at it.

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