SLI 560 TI vs Upgrade

Ok right now I have a single nvidia gtx 560 ti 1gb superclocked made by evga. Question is I would like to upgrade but i am not sure if i should go with a 600 series or anything new that nvidia is coming out with or just buy a second 560. My case/PSU and mobo all support SLI so that is not a problem. Just wondering what advice I can gather before I make a decision.

If it matters I have 2 1920x1080 monitors which the graphics card power.

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    Most folks would recommend a single high-end card over 2 mid-range cards because of the possibility of micro-stutter that sometimes is present with weaker dual cards. However, I have not noticed any M-S with my 2 x gtx 570s, and your 2 x GTX 560ti's would be far behind that. But I am only running a single 1080p display. It may be hard to find another new GTX 560ti that matches your memory, GPU, and clock. And buying used is always chancy. So if it were me, I'd look into a single GTX 660ti, 670, or 680.
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