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I have an Asus A7V-133 Mobo with the Promise ATA 100 chipset. I recently changed my Quantum 20Gb HDD to the ATA 100 Connector in the mobo. I was wondering if this change would speed up my system or not, as it seems to be a bit slower. Also, I hae an old 2.1 Gb HDD lying around. If i pop it in my mobo and change both my HDDs to raid, would my pc become faster? Thanks for the help and sorry about the simple definitions as i am a newbie in this sector.
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  1. Firstly, RAID 0 would be what you seem to want, but the best rule of thumb is to use identical drives. If you coupled together those two drives, you would end up with a RAID array of 4.2GB (2 x 2.1GB). RAID 0 always amounts to the number of drives times the smallest drive. So bootm line on that one is NO!!! :smile:

    Some reasons for slow ATA/100 performance may be:

    DMA in device manager not enabled for the drive.

    Drivers for the mobo ATA/100 ports are not up to the minute.

    BIOS or RAID controller version, may be requiring an update, but don't go into this without getting to know how to go about it properly!

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  2. Thanks, i dont think i want to wind up with a 4.2 gb hdd
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