New build, graphics card not working

Hey guys, so I just built my first gaming pc. Everything is working perfectly except the graphics card. The fan spins but it isn't recognized by windows or the bios. Ive made sure everything is hooked up right and seated correctly, when I turn the pc on I can hear the post beep signaling everything is okay.

A little info: When I did my first boot the graphics card worked fine, I was typing the key to windows 8 into the set up when suddenly the pc shut off and restarted, and from then on my monitor would just say no signal when I had the hdmi hooked up to the graphics card, but the onboard video works just fine.

My specs:
ASUS sabertooth V77 motherboard
intel core i7-3770k quad core 3.5ghz processor
EVGA GeForce gtx 680
g. skill 8 gb gddr3 1600mhz ram
corsair 600 watt power supply
cooler master haf 932 advanced blue edition full atx tower

Do you guys think it could have something to do with the power supply not having enough power to power it fully along with everything else in my case? I know the minimum required for the 680 is 550 watts so I know I'm cutting it close. Plus the power supply was only rated at 80 plus bronze.

I am going to pick up an 850 watt gold power supply tomorrow and try it regardless, though I feel like the graphics card might be dead. I was hoping I wouldn't have to RMA it but its looking likely. Let me know what you guys think please.

EDIT: I forgot to add that under device manager there is an unknown device with an error that says it failed to start, its under the PCI communication devices
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  1. did you use the usb flashback and put the newest bios on your asus mb there been a few bios patches for high end video video cards and no post issues.
  2. No I haven't tried that. I will try that right now and report back.
  3. nope, nothing. thinking its fried... Cant install any drivers since it just says that it doesn't detect any compatible card. ugh.
  4. PSU is fine, card is at fault
    but confirmit with another psu
  5. I think you have a few testing options before declaring the card completely kaput:

    1) Try a different card in your mobo and see if that boots and doesn't cause a restart. Even a cheap PCI card would likely do for this. If it does the same thing, it's likely not solely the card.

    2) Try the card in another computer. If it boots, it obviously isn't the card.

    3) PSU could be an issue, but I believe even a Corsair 550W would allow the card (but barely). I read on another post that "you just need 195W or ~17A on the 12V rail."

    4) If you really wanted to try something else, you could find a PC with an available PCI slot and see if that got it to at least show.

    It does seem likely that it is the card, but you do have some options to try beforehand.
  6. try this..make sure on the mb the 8 pin atx power plug is locked down. if it not there wont be power for the pci bus. also make sure the gpu has all of it power plugs in tight. the sabertooth mb has a muiltplexor chip for the pci vidoe slots. if your running a ib cpu go in and set the pci bus speed from 3.0 at 16 mode to pci 2.0 mode and see if the video card works. also if it not showing up try moving the card to the other pci video slot. also check under video main card output you turn on ipgpu muilt monitor support..if your on the ipgpu and that set to disabled the gpu wont turn on.
  7. Well, I don't have another card to try, or another pc to try the card in.

    I did try all your suggestions smorizio, and no dice. everything is plugged in tight, tried the options in the bios and it still isn't recognized or giving signal to my monitor.
  8. Well, just decided to RMA the GPU AND the motherboard just to be safe. Sent the gpu out today, sending the motherboard out on Monday. I also ordered a corsair 7850watt power supply that is rated 80 plus gold. hopefully all my problems will be solved. Really looking forward to seeing what kind of power this card has
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