Artifacting or Texture error?, Radeon 7950.

I was playing skyrim on my overclocked radeon 7950 1100/1350 on 1165 V, Gigabyte WF3 card. Out of all the games I've played never seen anything like this. My temp was only 51c and I've been playing for hours, but then I saw these weird stretchy thingies red,yellow, and some other colours, and didn't think it could have been artifacting. Also I'm getting way above 60 fps on skyrim maxed with 8xaa and hd texture mod. So is this just texture error or artifacting? Also my previous overlock was 1050/1350 (Stock Volts, 1125).

Please tell me what to do, thanks!
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  1. Wait, my MSI afterburner settings seem to have put my voltage down to stock while keeping the 1100mhz core? Anyone heard of this happening?

    also does 1125 stock voltage seem a little high, BTW my card was at 1000 mhz when I first installed.
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