Which GPU is fine for me.


I am looking to buy a GPU for my system that is now a little old. Following is the configuration:

Processor: C2D E-4500 (OC'd at 2.7 Ghz)
PSU: Corsair VS-450
Mobo: MSI G41 P26
RAM: 4*4GB DDR3 Kingston 1333 Mhz
Monitor: AOC 22" Full HD

Ok, now I am looking to go for a GPU for some of my work that cannot be done on my Laptop, and as my Desktop - PC sits idle most of the times so I was looking for a simple upgrade.

I need to work on some 3D Modelling and Animation Task and some of Casual(+) gaming. I know that 3D part requires more OpenGL processing etc. and etc. and a Quadro would suit me more, but the Game part is also there and then a Low-end Quadro might cost somewhere around a Mid-Range Gaming GPU.

So, actually what I wanted to know is that I have a plan to get a Readon HD 7770 (Sapphire 1GB), or otherwise a 7750. But the thing that is causing confusion is that my CPU is quite old and I assume that it may cause a bottleneck for the GPU. Or should I go for a low-end 6670?

Please let me know, if something is not ok with that upgrade. And worth to mention, I am not is a mood to go for a new CPU right now :pfff: .
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  1. That cpu isnt quit doing it any more.
    And your motherboard dosnt allow much room for upgrading the cpu.

    My best suggestion would be, go to a sell buy used marked.
    A lot of ppl sell insainly cheap and quit powerfull pc's.
    More sell than buy and thats good for the price.
    If the 7770 or 7750 would be bottlenecked depends on what software/games your running.

    But games relying on the cpu aswell as gpu would give you problems.
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