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Nvidia EVGA 7800 GS Weird Noise

February 22, 2013 7:27:06 AM

Ok so I got my Graphic Card from a guy and it works really well and it was worth the 20 bucks i payed for it, and because i don't do a lot of gaming on the pc i decided to get this one because mine was terrible. So it makes this weird noise and doesn't matter if im playing or just on the desktop but when it makes this noise it doesnt affect the computer at all so im thinking its got to be the fan but im asking the pros here at tom's hardware :wahoo: 
And sometimes it makes this noise for minute just like now and it seems to be getting worse and to tell you the truth im scared..But what can be causing this? i really don't want to give it back, so if you could find a solution for it i would really appreciate it!


Link to the weird sound