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Advice needed please for running 2/3 monitors on a GTX 690???

Hi everyone,

I need some help please with running more than 1 monitor as this will be my first time as I've never needed to run more than 1 before, so I have a few n00bie questions =)

Right, my current setup is 1 gaming 120hz monitor connected to my Gfx card (GTX 690) via a DVI-DL, but I would like to add at least 1 more monitor, just an old non-HD thing, pretty old and only 17" but I just want it for things like when I'm gaming I could have Facebook or Skype open on it, or maybe a map or YouTube video of how to do something in the game I'm playing, nothing to demanding.

So my question is, which one of these 3 setups would be my best option???

Option 1#)
I connect BOTH monitors to my 690. But if I did that how much of a performance loss can I expect from having 2 monitors connected to it???

Option 2#)
I connect my gaming monitor only to my 690 and connect the second old monitor to my motherboard. But would that use my CPU's (i5 3570k) HD graphics 4000 and therefore would my CPU take a hit on performance???

Option 3#)
I connect my gaming monitor only to my 690, but I have an old Nvidia 8500 card laying around, could I install that second card into my motherboard (ASUS Z77 Sabertooth) and run the old monitor off the old Gfx card. But as I have never used more than 1 Gfx card before my knowledge is very limited, so if I install a second card even if the 2 cards are "NOT" connected in SLI, would that automatically change my x16 PCI lanes into x8 as my MoBo specs state: (1xGPU = x16), (2xGPU's = x8 + x8)???

So what would you say my best option would be guys, 1, 2 or 3...... or none of the above???
Thanks :)
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  1. Anybody??? =(
  2. Option 1 should work. I don't believe any of the other options you stated would work.

    You shouldn't lose any performance if you are gaming on one screen. Plug them both into the card and give it a shot.
  3. Option 1 :)
    using a 8500 with a 690 that would be insainly sad.
    I assume your a gamer, than get 2more monitors connect all to the 690, and enjoy the beauti of surround gaming :D
    As you got a 120hz monitor i assume its nvidia 3d monitor.
    I got the exact same ^^
    Now set the 3D monitor in the middel get 2 2D monitors on each side and Play surround semi 3d :D :D
    Its awsome ^^
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    Id recommend
    Flawless Widescreen software to fix many issues that surround setup cuses. Like wrong Field of view, wierd streching etc.
    And go to
    download the files for the game you play and enjoy 3d In games that ither has issues with 3d or games that isnt supported ^^

    read the post in the bottom for more details about it.
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